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Number #1 Bestseller!

The Picture House Murders, set in 1929, is the first in the brand new Miss Clara Vale Mysteries, published by Embla Books (Bonnier UK). Despite holding a degree in chemistry from Oxford Miss Clara Vale is unable to land a job in science and is stuck behind a desk at a London library. She fears this will be the end of her scientific goals … until, unexpectedly, her uncle dies leaving her his private detective agency in Newcastle upon Tyne … and a laboratory.

Clara is unsure whether she should keep the agency or sell it. As she is trying to decide, one of her uncle’s clients comes to her for help with a case surrounding a local picture house, a tragic fire and a series of murders. Set in the colourful world of early cinema, just as silent films are being replaced by talkies.

The Picture House Murders is a Number #1 Amazon UK Bestseller in historical mysteries. Available through bookshops in the UK and via Amazon and Audible worldwide. Order your copy now: The Picture House Murders.


The Pantomime Murders, book two in the Miss Clara Vale Mysteries, sees Clara solving the case of a murdered fairy godmother. “Watch out, he’s behind you …!”
In print, ebook and audiobook. Available from 30 November 2023 through bookshops in the UK and via Amazon and Audible worldwide. Pre-order your copy now: The Pantomime Murders.


The Pyramid Murders is due out in May 2024 where Clara travels to Cairo to seek the identity of a murder victim disguised as an ancient mummy. Beware the mummy’s curse…